Why is James Gandolfini’s Will in the Newspaper?

James Gandolfini, known as Tony Soprano to many of us, died in June.  He did something right, and he did something really, really wrong.  Wrong enough that if Paulie or any of the Soprano crew had done it, they’d be in big trouble, or worse.

What he did right:

He had an estate plan.  He had a well thought out will, and he made sure it was executed and ready for implementation.

What he did wrong:

From the Soprano point of view, he broke Omerta, the code of silence that keeps private business private.  He had a will.

Wills are filed in the court where you live when you die.  They become public records.  Anyone can read your will.  You can read Gandolfini’s will online.  You can read Jackie Onasis’ will online.  You can read lots of famous peoples’ wills online.

If you don’t want YOUR last wishes to be a public document, you need to establish a living trust.  It does the same thing as a will, but can remain entirely private.

That’s what we do — we write trusts for families, and we do our best, within the law, to keep the trusts private.  Call Peter today to set up an appointment.  510-394-5483.